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The coffee house takes place on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at Grace Baptist Church, 400 Burnt Plains Road, Milford, CT.

There is no admission or cover charge. Our doors are open to all. The music and food is free!

Our average attendance is between 100 and 125 people each month.

The music portion of the Coffee House takes place in the church sanctuary. The setting is more "concert-esque" and will seat about 300 comfortably. Our sanctuary has individual padded chairs instead of wooden pews, and it is air-conditioned.

This monthly event provides a special time for people of all denominations to come together for food, fellowship and music. From 6:00 to 7:00 PM we host a fellowship time and a potluck dinner. This is followed by the visiting artist/group appearing in concert (starting at 7:00 PM). We would typically recommend a 60 minute set, although if an artist/group wants to run longer (e.g. 90 minutes) our new format provides that flexibility since there is no second artist/group following afterwards. At the conclusion of the concert, there is another shorter opportunity for fellowship time (e.g. coffee / dessert). Generally the evening concludes by 9:00 PM.

We encourage our musical guests to make their CDs available. We provide a table in the foyer where artists can setup their display.

During the course of the evening, a goodwill or "love" offering will be taken for the visiting artist/group. These artists travel from city to city sharing the gospel message through music. For some, this is their only income. It is our generosity that allows them to continue their God-appointed mission. There is no set amount. Give what you feel led to give. All the funds are passed on to the artists.

The House of Grace is always looking for fresh, exciting Christian talent to come and minister and be part of the incredible community of faith that God has placed here. We remain firmly grounded in prayer about each artist or group that approaches us and we believe that God sends us those who need to be here.

We are a God-focused Coffee House and we encourage our artists to be open about their faith and love of God.

The visiting artist/group should be able to arrive by 5:00pm for setup and sound check. The church provides access to its own permanent sound system, and this helps to keep setup to a minimum (e.g. instruments and related gear).

If you are a Christian musician and are interested in coming to minister at the House of Grace:

  • Send an email to “[email protected]” and tell us about yourself or your group and your ministry.
  • Send a CD to Dave Glowny, 53 Candlewood Road, Milford CT 06461
  • We'll prayerfully consider your ministry, and get back to you with some date options.